Jan Fišer

Jan FišerThe first musical instrument I was made in 1999. It was my first and also probably the last banjo. In that time I was studying in Hradec Králové at the Secondary School of Applied Arts for Musical Instruments and Furniture. Because I was very interested in music and musical instrument, after graduation I have continued my studies in Professional violin-making school in Luby near Cheb. There I learned basics about construction and production of the guitars which I wanted to focus.

Since 2005 I have been producing the guitars under my own trade mark Jan Fišer. Also I teach Construction of the guitars at the Secondary School of Applied Arts for Musical Instruments and Furniture in Hradec Králové. Because I was actively playing the guitar I got in touch with jazz and blues. These music styles had influence on my selection of guitar types which I produce. Now I specify my production in jazz archtop and acoustic guitars. I developed some own models and I try to experiment with the new woods and new design.

On the customer request I produce the copies of well-known trade mark guitars, mainly from the period of the first half of the 20th century. In this period came to existence all of developmentally important types of guitars. In my production I use original technology and particularly I return to original surface treatments with nitrocellulose and alcohol basis. In 2007 I started to manufacture violins. I produced only small quantity. The technologies I have learned for violin production was very interesting for me and it had an impact on production of my jazz-archtop guitars. According to opinion of my customers these guitars became very successful and for me it was beginning of new original direction which I devoted to.

I try to reach guitarists who are conservative and who are looking for tradition, but also those who are looking for innovative approach and original types of guitar. My production is based on quality hand-work and I use only the woods of the highest quality from Europe and from exotic states all over the world.